Information about lockdown on 7/30/19

Mr. Crawley immediately brought his students inside and notified school administration. The school was placed into lockdown and law enforcement was notified. After responding to the school, law enforcement investigated and patrolled all areas and neighborhood around the school. The Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Department responded very quickly to help ensure the safety of our students. While there was no indication that shots were fired at the school or students and no evidence of a weapon near school property, we will always take appropriate steps to ensure student safety. Law enforcement cleared the school from lockdown around 11:50am. The principal and law enforcement briefed the students on the situation and the steps taken to ensure their safety.
The safety and security of our students is our top priority and the school will always error on the side of caution to take any and all measure to ensure our students are safe. We also feel that effective school-home communication is extremely important and wanted to communicate with all parents and community about this situation this morning. Thank you for your continued support.

Dr. Josh McLaurin, Ed.D, NBCT
Principal, McBee High School
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