Policy Reminders

Parking passes need to be picked up in the main office for all students parking on campus during the school day. This includes parking on the grass area of the student parking lot. Officer Brown will monitor this daily, beginning on Monday, 8/26/19, to ensure all vehicles on campus are registered so that we may protect student safety.

Protecting instructional time is critical to providing a world-class education. To aid in this endeavor, please refrain from having food delivered to campus as we protect instructional time by reducing intercom calls and other disruptions to valuable class time for students.  Students are welcome to bring food from home for lunch, provided that it is secured during the morning classes in a lunchbox, paper bag, or bookbag.

Students are encouraged to stay hydrated during the school day with water in clear plastic bottles. For the safety of our students, other types of containers are prohibited.

Students' safety and education are our top priorities.  Thank you for your continued support.

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