Report Cards and Lost Credit

A grade “FA” on a report card means one or more classes was failed due to excessive absences. State Law and Chesterfield County School Board policy require that students may not exceed five absences in a semester course and ten absences in a yearlong course. School Board Policy is available for viewing on the Chesterfield County Schools website, Specific Board Policy sections relating to student attendance are located at the bottom of this article.

Students who failed a course due to excessive absences may recover lost class time and regain credit by making up those absences during Saturday School and/or Sunset School. Saturday School costs $15 per Saturday. The next scheduled Saturday School will be January 25th from 8am - 12 noon. More information about Sunset School dates will be announced later.

Seniors who failed courses due to excessive absences (including those who have late arrival) must report to Dr. McLaurin at 8am Tuesday January 21.

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