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Well, this was unexpected.  I know there is probably a good bit of uncertainty about how all of this is going to work.  But I know that by working together, anything is possible. 
Students, your individual class assignments are located on your class page.  Please read all instructions.  In most cases, the packet is for 10-15 days of instruction.  
I would like to try video conferencing using Zoom.  Each class has their specific class log-in information.  This is a free service for the students.  This would allow the class to "meet" similar to a virtual class.  I think it would be most efficient to answer questions this way as I know many of you have the same questions and concerns.  Your patience is appreciated as I also learn how to use this new technology.
Tomorrow video conferencing using Zoom:
11:00am - AP English
12:00pm - Honors English IV
1:00pm - English IV
2:00pm - English II
After tomorrow, my goal is to have the following weekly virtual meetings:
1:00 pm AP English
2:00 pm Honors English IV
1:00 pm English IV
2:00 pm English II
Again, I know adjustments will need to be made.  Please contact me with your questions and concerns.
Mrs. Odegard
2020-2021 Supply List