School Policies for 2021/2022


Instructional Fee (9-12) - $35

Instructional Fee (7-8) - $10

Locker - $5

Parking Pass - $10


Students who will be driving to school are required to have their Driver's License and License Plate numbers on file in the main office.

Mobile Devices (including cell phones)

Students at McBee High School are not allowed to use mobile devices (including cell phones) without permission from staff during the school day. All devices should be off and out of sight.  Students are not allowed to have headphones, ear buds, etc. unless they have received permission from staff or during their designated time (lunch) and area (cafeteria, outside and canteen).  Students that violate these policies will have their devices confiscated. Excessive referrals will result in detention and/or suspension.

  • 1st offense – warning – student may pick up device at the end of the school day.
  • 2nd offense – parent may pick up device at the end of the school day.
  • 3rd offense – device is kept for one week and student may pick it up at the end of the week.
  • 4th offense – device is kept for one week and parent must pick it up and sign a contract stating that they have been informed and understand what happens if there is a 5th offense.
  • 5th offense – device will be kept for the remainder of the school year.

Dress Code

The Board of Trustees recognizes that students have the right to regulate their personal appearance.  However, the board reserves the right to bar from school those students whose personal appearance is disruptive or distracting to the educational process and orderly operation of the school.
Students are expected to be clean and neat each day during school hours.  Shoes must be worn at all times.  Proper undergarments must be worn at all times.  Girls’ dresses and skirts must be no shorter than the kneecap.  Clothing on the upper body must completely cover the shoulder with only the arms exposed.  All attire must have proper fit.  Loose fitting Bermuda shorts or shorts will be permitted.  No spandex shorts, biker shorts, gym shorts, tennis shorts, jogging shorts, or running shorts will be allowed.
Some examples of unacceptable attire include the following:


  • Netted jersey tops without an undershirt
  • Halters
  • Open back dresses or shirts
  • Sheer dresses or shirts
  • Open midriff shirts
  • Tank tops
  • Leotards, tights
  • Skin-tight clothing
  • Sagging pants

Suggestive writing on articles of clothing concerning alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or sex is prohibited.
Judgment of questionable dress will be made on a case-by-case basis.  Any clothing deemed by the administration unacceptable or disruptive to the educational process may be prohibited.  Any student improperly dressed at school can be suspended immediately until acceptable attire is worn.


Any student wearing shorts that do not meet the criteria outlined above and require a change of clothes, will be warned for the first offense in addition to being required to change clothes.  Any subsequent violation will result in the student’s privilege to wear any shorts being revoked for the remainder of the school year.


It is important for students to attend school regularly and we trust that you, as parents, will impress upon your child the benefits of good school attendance.  Students should strive to have 100% attendance.
When a student is ill, a note signed by the parent/guardian must accompany the student when he/she returns to school.  If absences accumulate at a rate which could result in a student not receiving credit for a class(es), the school may require an excuse from a medical doctor.
Please be assured that our concern is that we provide the maximum amount of time in school in order to better educate the students of the school system.
Students are expected to attend school each day. The school year consists of 180 days for students.  In high schools, credit will be denied in courses when a student accumulates an excess of five (5) absences in a semester long-class (this includes 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th periods for students in grades 9-12) or ten (10) absences in a year-long class (this includes all core classes in grades 7-8 and 3rd period for students in grades 9-12)


High school credit for a course/class will be awarded or denied based on attendance in that class.

1 or 2 days a week doesn't seem like much but...
If your child misses... That equals... Which is... And over 13 years of schooling that's...
1 day every two weeks 20 days per year 4 weeks per year Nearly 1½ years
1 day per week 40 days per year 8 weeks per year Over 2½ years
2 days per week 80 days per year 16 weeks per year Over 5 years
3 days per week 120 days per year 24 weeks per year Nearly 8 years


1 - 3:  Warning

4 - 7:  30 minutes after-school detention

8-11:  1 hour after-school detention

12 - 15:  1 day of ISS

16 or more:  1 day of OSS

How about 10 minutes late a day?  Surely that won't affect my child?
He/she is only missing just... That equals... Which is... And over 13 years of schooling that's...
10 mins per day 50 mins per week Nearly 1½ weeks per year Nearly ½ year
20 mins per day 1 hr. 40 mins per week Over 2½ weeks per year Nearly 1 year
30 mins per day ½ day per week 4 weeks per year Nearly 1½ years
1 hour per day 1 day per week 8 days per year Over 2½ years

Parking & Drop-Off Procedures


  • All students and drop-off drivers enter campus on 10th Street.
  • Student driver enter student parking; drop off continues to Juniper Avenue.  Turn onto Juniper on signal from school personnel.
  • Turn onto Juniper Avenue, form two (2) lines for drop off.  (Note:  this utilizes the emergency lane and 1 thru-traffic lane.  This is not a one-way street; accessibility in the opposite direction must remain.)
  • At signal from school personnel, merge to one lane and exit rear of the school on Juniper Avenue.



  • Pick-up drivers line up on 10th Street.  On signal from school personnel, turn onto Juniper Avenue in one (1) line (in the emergency lane).
  • Student drivers turn right out of the parking lot and exit on 10th Street.  DO NOT turn towards the school!